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World Institutional Ranking

The Purpose

R. World Institutional Ranking envisions to consider all possible combinations of measures of funding and endowment, research excellence and/or influence, specialization expertise, admissions, student options, award numbers, internationalization, graduate employment, industrial linkage, historical reputation, and other criteria, not limited to evaluating on institutional output by research. W I Ranking is expected to give a comprehensive overview of the strengths of the institutions ranked, incorporating quantifiable characteristics.

Acceptance and The Value

R. World Institutional Ranking is perceived as a measure of quality in academia and so creates intense competition between universities/institutions. Each of the rankings are a comprehensive overview of the institutions. W I Ranking also offers Universities an auditing service that provides in-depth information about institutional strengths and weaknesses, to help achieve better rankings in The 5 Rare Rankings in Academia.

About Us

5 Rare Rankings in Academia

Sentiment Survey

Sentiment analysis help HEIs gather real-insights from unorganised and unstructured data from online/offline sources such as emails, blog posts, support tickets, feedback-mechanism, survey-forms, web chat , opinion-poll, social media channels, forums and comments, from the Stakeholders.

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Registrations Open: 01 Nov.

Registration Closes10 Dec.

Publication of Result: 30 Dec.

OBE Rankings

While a systemic resilience approach to education is required, amidst all the technological advancements, we realize that students have to be educated, but they have also to be left to educate themselves. OBE Rankings recognises HEIs for successfully implementing OBE.

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Registrations Open:  15 Apr.

Registration Closes:  15 May

Publication of Result: 15 Jun.

7 Rare Ranking

SII - Green Ranking

The three pillars of Sustainability: ‘Environmental (Planet), Social (People) and Economic (Profit)', form the base of R. World Institutional Ranking to undertake responsibility for creating awareness and supporting the SII - Sustainable Institutions of India,

The Green Rankings.

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Registration Open: 15 Feb.

Registration Closes: 10 Mar.

Publication of Result: 30 Apr.

SDG - Global Impact

The Global Impact Ranking (G.I.R) has been curated to encourage HEIs to participate, for the data required is very limited.  The SDGs, also known as Global Goals, are a set of 17 integrated and interrelated goals to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure that humanity enjoys peace and prosperity. 

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Registration Open: 20 Sep

Registration Closes: 30 Oct

Publication of Result: 10 Nov

MHW Rankings

An institution ensuring priority to Mental Health and Wellbeing encapsulates academic and non-academic knowledge induced with fun and happy elements to make learning a highly productive and enjoyable exercise and experience for students, for The Best Campus Life. 

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Registration Open: 15 July

Registration Closes: 15 Aug.

Publication of Result: 30 Aug.

Why Us

of India

Green Rankings 2023

R. World Institutional Rankings (R. WIR) believes that almost all forms of sustainability in planet correlate to human conduct and so, the ethical aspects of reality are critical to ensure sustainability. Ethical sustainability needs to be considered to have sustainable political and social systems and processes.The uniqueness and specialty of the Ranking Framework for Sustainable Institutional of India (SII) - The Green Institutional Ranking 2023 lies in its ‘Institution and Student Centric Approach exclusively focused on 6 broad parameters’. Institutional Registrations are now OPEN!

Methodology and Ranking

For ranking the ‘Sustainable Institutions of India (SII)’ the parameters and indicators considered are primarily accounted to be of importance by HEIs concerned with sustainability. These include:

Establishment: Infrastructure and Maintenance/ Operation

Energy: Conservation, Consumption, and Production (Renewable/Solar)

Resource Utilization: Water (Source, Use and Re-use) and Waste (Treatment and Recycling)

Communications: Transportation (Mode/Scope) and Documentation (Paper/Print/Digital)

Outcomes: Research Outcomes (Publications, Patents), Startups, and Sustainability Report

Perception: Social Impact, Academic Peers and Events (Education and Beyond)



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