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R. World Institutional Ranking

The Purpose

R. W I Ranking stands as a beacon of excellence, aiming to meticulously evaluate and acknowledge educational institutions in India, and worldwide. By fostering healthy competition, it encourages institutions to continually enhance their standards, quality of education and overall ecosystem of HigherEd.

Acceptance &

The credibility of R. W I Ranking is rooted in its rigorous methodologies and commitment to objectivity. The ranking framework employs a multifaceted approach, considering diverse factors. R. W I Ranking has garnered widespread institutional acceptance, as a trusted and impartial resource of HEI's ranking, and is celebrated as a valuable resource that facilitates a deeper understanding of the global HigherEd landscape.

5 Rare Rankings in Academia

Academia Rankings

The India Academia Rankings is a comprehensive ranking framework to gauge the Research Excellence (RE) and Employability and Startup Ecosystem Rankings (ESER) of HEIs. This Ranking is Unique, as it offers 3 separate rankings (Academia, RER, ESER) based on single-submission.

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Registrations Open: 12 Nov.

Registration Closes: 30 Dec.

Publication of Result: 20 Jan.

OBE Rankings

While a systemic resilience approach to education is required, amidst all the technological advancements, we realize that students have to be educated, but they have also to be left to educate themselves. OBE Rankings recognises HEIs for successfully implementing OBE.

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Registrations Open:  18 April

Registration Closes:  10 May

Publication of Result: 30 May.

7 Rare Ranking

SII - Green Ranking

The three pillars of Sustainability: ‘Environmental (Planet), Social (People) and Economic (Profit)', form the base of R. World Institutional Ranking to undertake responsibility for creating awareness and supporting the SII - Sustainable Institutions of India,

The Green Rankings.

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Registration Open: 26 Jan.

Registration Closes: 21 Feb.

Publication of Result:25 Mar

Sentiment Rankings

Sentiment scores are a metric for measuring stakeholders sentiment. Stakeholders Sentiment Survey is a rare and significant research-based ranking analysis, first-of-its-kind, directly dependent on the express-feedback of the stakeholders of the HEI.

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Registration Open:  21 Aug

Registration Closes21 Sept

Publication of Result: 15 Oct

MHW Rankings

An institution ensuring priority to Mental Health and Wellbeing encapsulates academic and non-academic knowledge induced with fun and happy elements to make learning a highly productive and enjoyable exercise and experience for students, for The Best Campus Life. 

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Registration Open:  11 Jul

Registration Closes   03  Aug

Publication of Result: 14 Aug

Why Us


OBE Rankings 2024

The Outcome-Based Education (OBE) Ranking exclusively focuses on the student-centric

teaching-learning methodology in which the course delivery, assessment is planned to achieve

stated objectives and attributes. OBE focuses on measuring student performance i.e. outcomes at

different levels. The OBE Ranking 2024-25 considers the 3 important parameters, viz., Inclusion and Diversity; Internship & Placements; and Entrepreneurship & Innovations.

Registration ends for OBE Rankings 2024:

10 May'24. Register Now!

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The Outcome-Based Education is necessary in India to transform the education system from a content-driven approach to a learner-centric approach, and to ensure that graduates possess the skills and knowledge that are essential for success in the 21st century. 


OBE Rankings, is regarded as one of the Distinguished Rankings, in the Private-Rankings Sphere of the HEIs in India. The OBE Rankings 2024 recognizes the efforts continuously undertaken by Institutions for achieving excellence in quality education, and implementation of the latest teaching-learning methodologies, including the outcome-based education models. Know more about the Ranking Methodology!



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R. World Institutional Ranking

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