A blend of three unique Rating and Assessments, clubbed for a Single - One Time Institutional Registration. The India Academia Rankings is a comprehensive ranking framework to gauge the Research Excellence (RE) and Employability and Startup Ecosystem Rankings (ESER) of HEIs. Get benefitted with three separate and unique Ratings/Rankings/Bands, and three different certificates awarded to the HEIs.

Research Excellence Rankings (RER) is a conceptual framework to present industry-benchmarks and help establish institutional - reputational yardsticks, with inclusive parameters of research-outputs, research-impact and research-ecosystem. HEIs, not offering PG programs aren't eligible for RER.

Employability and Startup Ecosystem Rankings (ESER) exclusively focuses on Students' Achievement(s) in terms of their Placements, Entrepreneurship, Startups and other revenue-generation success models, supported by the initiatives of the respective HEI.

Academia Rankings = Research Excellence Rankings + Employability Ecosystem Rankings. ,


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Academia Rankings 2023

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