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Sustainable Institutions of India 
Green Rankings 2023

The three pillars of Sustainability: ‘Environmental (Planet), Social (People) and Economic (Profit), form the base of R. World Institutional Ranking 

(R. WIR) to undertake responsibility for creating awareness and supporting

Sustainable Institutions of India.

See, Green Rankings 2023

Sustainable Institutions of India
The Green Rankings 2023

The Ranking Framework for Sustainable Institutional of India (SII) has been curated to encourage as many higher educational institutions as possible to participate, for the data required is very limited. SII – The Green Institutional Ranking is open to any HEI that is duly recognized by UGC/AICTE. However, the board reserves the right to exclude institutions that appear to have falsified data or who are no longer in good operations. Download Survey Form.

Download Survey Form

Ranking and Methodology

R. World Institutional Ranking (R. WIR) believes that almost all forms of sustainability on the planet correlate to human conduct and so, the ethical aspects of reality are critical to ensure sustainability. Ethical sustainability needs to be considered to have sustainable political and social systems and processes.

The Ranking Framework for Sustainable Institutional of India (SII) - Green Rankings 2023 invites survey participation from HEIs (Start Date: 01 Feb. 2023). For SII – The GIR'23, the parameters and indicators considered are primarily accounted to be of importance by Institutions concerned with sustainability. These include:

  • Establishment: Infrastructure and Maintenance/Operation

  • Energy: Conservation, Consumption, and Production (Renewable/Solar)

  • Resource Utilization: Water (Source, Use and Re-use) and Waste (Treatment and Recycling)

  • Communications: Transportation (Mode/Scope) and Documentation (Paper/Print/Digital) 

  • Outcomes: Research Outcomes (Publications, Patents), Startups, and Sustainability Report

  • Perception: Social Impact, Academic Peers and Events (Education and Beyond)

Survey Ended 01 March
See, The Published Rankings 

Driving Change
Transforming Institutions

500+ Institutions, having varied sizes and profile, with Institutions of Eminence Deemed-to-be-University, NACC A++, and to newly established Universities have participated and/or partnered with us for Ranking/Research activities. Honoured to work with Universities, as young as 100 years. 

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