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MHW Rankings 2023

Cultivating Wellbeing, Creating Excellence

MHW Rankings aims to identify and celebrate the Best Educational Campus in India for Mental Health and Wellbeing (MHW), recognizing those institutions that have taken significant strides in creating a supportive and nurturing environment for their students, faculty, and staff. Participating in the MHW Rankings 2023 offers an opportunity for your campus to showcase its commitment to mental health awareness, accessibility, and overall wellbeing initiatives. By sharing your valuable insights and practices, you contribute to a comprehensive assessment that can drive positive change in the education sector. .

Check Rankings on 5th Oct'23


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Putting Minds First :  MHW Rankings 2023

RESULTS: Rankings to be Published on 5th October 2023

MHW Statement

Building Resilient Campuses with a 
Focus on Mental Health & Wellbeing

Mental Health and Wellbeing in higher educational institutions, hold immense importance in India for several compelling reasons including; Academic Performance, Emotional Resilience, Student Retention, Reduced Stigma, Improved Campus Culture, Faculty and Staff Wellbeing, Mental Health Crisis Prevention, Overall Health and Success, Societal Impact, and Global Competitiveness. Fostering mental health and wellbeing in higher educational institutions in India not only benefits the students and staff directly involved but also positively impacts society as a whole. By creating supportive and nurturing environments, these institutions play a pivotal role in shaping the mental health landscape and empowering the next generation of leaders.

The need for Mental Health & Wellbeing (MHW) awareness in Indian Higher Educational Institutions is crucial due to several pressing reasons like; Rising Mental Health Issues, Stigma and Discrimination, Academic Performance and Dropout Rates, Suicide Prevention, Early Intervention and Prevention, Positive Campus Climate, Student Wellbeing and Success, Holistic Development, Faculty and Staff Support, and National Development. By raising awareness of mental health and wellbeing in Indian universities, institutions can break down the barriers to seeking help, provide appropriate support systems, and create an environment that prioritizes the mental well-being of their students and staff. Such efforts are essential for fostering a healthy, inclusive, and successful learning environment in higher education institutions across the country.

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