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Experience Exclusivity !

Elevate your Institutional Reputation as privileged partner for global rankings and enhanced recognition. With one-time registration - you can access a range of meaningful benefits, privileges and simplify your Institutional ranking process. Explore the untapped potential with varieties of well-crafted and personalised curated offerings.

Get access to educational data and insights along with world-class privileges and delightful saving opportunities for ranking participation.

Be a privilege partner institution.

Apply now!


Priority Inclusion

Get the pre-launch information of all rankings, and avail extended-date benefits. Also, take advantage with an additional resource allocated as a dedicated Institutional support-manager. Claim your own, full-page advertorial at no-cost in the annual compendium Year-Book. Enjoy a bouquet of customised offerings to enlarge your academic reputation and peer-perception.



All-in Participation with a Single-Registration

The annual one-time registration and free-annual participation, with no cost for data-submission, analysis, assessment, ranking and certification for all of these:​

  • MHW - Health and Wellbeing Ranking for Best Campus Life,

  • Stakeholders Sentiment Survey,

  • Finest B-School Ranking,

  • SII - Green Institutional Rankings,

  • India Academia Rankings,

      + Research Excellence Ranking

      + Employability Ecosystem Ranking


Share your voice amidst Policy-Makers.

Position your brand among the few most-preferred Institutions in India. Mark your presence with the audience that actually matters. Curate a customised content, and have it promoted for free* on covered on effective social-media platforms (Twitter and LinkedIn). Claim free-publication of an Interview (Q & A) with the Head of the Institution.


Let's work together.

Transform your data into actionable insights. Use our services for strategic, data-driven guidance to help achieve your transformational goals. Our consulting helps by identifying trends to uncover a new perspective, to help your Institute be ahead of the competition.

Claim your privilege partnership.  Register now!

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